We’re Nate & Taylor Lavender! We met in West Virginia and moved to Florida for 3 years. We bought an Airstream, remodeled it, got married, and now we’re living in it full time with our dog Summit.

One of the big reasons why we decided to live in an Airstream is because we aren’t ready to settle down. We love the flexibility and freedom that tiny houses offer. Tiny living is definitely becoming more popular, but it still shocks people when we tell them where we live. But to be honest, the thought of buying a house right after getting married made us sick. We want to travel around and experience new places before making a permanent home somewhere.

All of the renovations, except for the new A/C installation, were done by us. So if you’re looking to renovate an Airstream on a budget, we’re here to give you tips, advice, and DIY instructions.

We hope you find this blog interesting, entertaining, inspiring, and maybe even helpful when you decide to start your own journey to tiny living.